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Why Do You Want To Press The Desulfurized Gypsum Into Briquettes?
Nov 01, 2018

Why do you want to press the desulfurized gypsum into briquettes?


The desulfurization gypsum briquettes press machine the gypsum powder to form a spherical shape. After repeated tests, the four rolls are pressed twice, and the hydraulic pressure and constant pressure double acting briquettes press machine (patent) can press the desulfurized gypsum with high water content once. The ball, without adding any binder, is guaranteed to be purely formed, without the need for a subsequent drying process, and is more conducive to the connection and modification of existing processes. High ball strength, suitable for all kinds of transportation, reducing packaging costs and improving product transportation capacity.

The specialbriquettes press machine for desulfurization gypsum has compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple operation, short process flow, low energy consumption and low failure rate. The main roller part is made of high-quality alloy steel material (patent), which greatly improves the wear resistance and pressure resistance.

Studies have shown that desulfurization gypsum contains a certain amount of calcium carbonate and more water-soluble salts. The time of setting up the desulfurization gypsum cement is normal, which has a positive effect on the mechanical properties and stability of the cement. However, the moisture content of the desulfurized gypsum is generally 10-17%, and the viscosity is strong. Therefore, it is easy to adhere to the equipment during the process of loading, unloading, lifting and conveying, resulting in accumulation and blockage. If it is directly used in cement production, the material will be transported. Problems such as poor distribution, uneven mixing, and inability to produce properly.

The wet desulfurization gypsum is first processed into a ball to change the physical properties, reduce the adhesion between the materials, and increase the fluidity, which can completely change the problems of the desulfurization gypsum in the cement production process. After the formed desulfurization gypsum is put into the grinding machine, there is no problem of sticking and grinding, which affects the output of the mill.

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