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Why Do You Need A Dryer In The Coal Briquette Press Production Line?
Mar 10, 2017

Why do you need a dryer in the coal briquette press production line? 

Customer who buy the briquette press should know that the coal briquettes production line is generally equipped with a dryer, and why? Some customers must be confused, I obviously buy a briquette press machine, why you put the dryer and sold to me, what does it mean? Here, we do not worry, listen to DAYANG to tell you the reason. 

In general, the briquette press has strict requirements on the moisture content of the material, and the humidity has a direct impact on the strength of the finished ball. Therefore, this is absolutely not less dryer, dryer can suppress the finished product drying, to ensure the strength of the briquette press machine. At present, there are three main types of drying machines used in the process of briquette press production line: chain dryer, rotary dryer, vertical dryer. 

The general briquette press machine production line in the dryer only three functions, which are the three? 

Front and rear: mainly for the desulfurization gypsum and other water content of the material, need to be placed in front of the briquette press machine and dryer. 

Pre drying: the material before the briquettes into the dryer, the specific operation of the briquette press in front of the supply and demand with a rotating cylinder dryer. 

Post drying: material after briquette press machine molding after adding below vertical dryer. The above is the role of the ball mill production line dryer, to buy the briquette press machine equipment with flowers, sincerely welcome customers to visit our factory and purchase! 

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