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Whoes Coal/charcoal Briquette Machine Manufacturer Is Better?
Nov 13, 2018

How to choose coal/charcoal briquette machine? Whoes coal/charcoal briquette machine manufacturer is better?

When you purchase the coal/charcoal briquette machine, you must first look at the internal quality management of the company and the design of the materials. When you first test the machine, you can't just see that the machine is running very well at the time. The pressure of the test machine is very good (who can make the ball out of the machine), this is only unilateral. It does not represent the overall quality of a long-term continuous work. The main comprehensive measurement of the structural design of each part, the use of materials is good or bad, the material size and strength of the steel used to meet the requirements, many materials should be used with the national standard, whether the bearing is genuine or refurbished, the quality comes from comprehensive Sexuality and all aspects are guaranteed by various factors. Not a good test machine, quality is good? The problems that arise in the use of cheap and inferior products are basic problems. They are not repaired at all, and they cannot be eradicated. This is a permanent problem. Small workshops and small scales represent cheap raw materials, shoddy goods, and low prices. Harmful people have been unsupervised and bought away. Because of carelessness, it is hateful and pitiful to be deceived to buy more and more scrap iron. You must pay great attention to these importance, be responsible to the company, and be responsible for your own investment and development.

 500 press machine (3)

Application scope of coal/charcoal briquette machine: production of coal briquettes; production of cold pressed pellets of various metallurgical powders. For powdery materials, the ball needs to be pressed to complete the ball. Such as: pulverized coal, coke powder, various black non-ferrous metal ore powder, iron oxide scale and dust ash, sludge, refractory and so on. Any metallurgical industry waste, auxiliary materials need to be on the furnace, all need to press the ball machine to complete. The dry powder ball press is mainly used for the agglomeration of materials without moisture. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical, refractory and other industries. The powerful ball press is mainly used for pulverized coal, coal slime, medium coal, coke powder, coking coal and metallurgical powder cold pressed pellets and refractory materials. High pressure, high strength mineral powder ball press, mainly used for the production of colored and ferrous metal ore powder, directly into the furnace smelting, to increase the added value. Any metallurgical industry waste, auxiliary materials need to be on the furnace, all need to press the ball machine to complete.

 650 press machine  

In the market competition, many manufacturers use low prices to seduce, first let users set up, and then fraudulent users on the contract, often after the user pays the fee to change, find reasons to increase the price, the degree is different, some means bad, The amount is enormous, added to the sky-high price, so that the user wants to cry without tears. This is the user who chose the wrong manufacturer, read the wrong person, was deceived by rhetoric, was eaten, played, and played, did not put quality first, love accounted for small and cheap, did not see the risk of low prices. In fact, users are exposed to two risks, one is the price increase risk, and the other is the quality risk, which must be borne by itself. Often, these enterprises are poor quality enterprises, untrustworthy enterprises, price-competitive enterprises, equipment no one wants enterprises, and most likely to attract users to be deceived enterprises.


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