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What Is The Effect Of Stability Voltage On The Briquetting Press?
Mar 13, 2017

What is the effect of stability voltage on the briquetting press?

Summer inflammation, the emergence of a large area of electricity shortage, that voltage on the stability of the briquetting press machine have any effect?

To ensure that the briquetting press machine in the course of work, briquetting press machine performance and stability of normal work, power supply should not be lower than the briquetting press machine input voltage nominal value. When the nominal value is 24VAC, the voltage fluctuation should not exceed ± 25%. The common operating voltage of the coal briquette machine is 24VAC.

coal briquetting machinecoal briquetting machine

Currently on the market there are 220VAC model briquette press machine, the essence of the transformer built-in dome, after the coal briquettes to the briquetting machine power supply. Wiring should emphasize strong, weak separation, in order to avoid strong electric interference to the weak. Dome internal space is limited, built-in transformer to make strong and weak co-exist, thus affecting the weak signal.

In addition, the built-in transformer will increase the heat burden, thereby increasing the possibility of built-in circuit burned. According to the different on-site environment, you can choose the local 220VAC to 24VAC, or remote transformer, centralized power supply. Centralized power supply, should take full account of the transmission line on the power loss. Select the output power of the larger equipment and appropriate to increase the output voltage to carry the line voltage drop, such as the choice of 28VAC output to the remote dome power supply.

coal briquettes plantcoal briquetts plant

Does the briquette maker have enough power to drive? Is it possible to ensure stable briquetting equipment performance? Can be tested by multimeter, the method is in the load (briquetting equipment) to open the case with a multimeter to measure the end of the briquetter machine power line voltage, the observation voltage is within the scope of the ball machine.

It is important to note that the outdoor briquetter machine in the heater start or stop, the briquetting press machine performance up and down relatively large. The power consumption of a far cry from the power of the outdoor dome must be considered in the harsh environment of the ball machine required for the maximum power supply.

When the mains voltage fluctuates beyond + 5% -10%, the AC voltage regulator should be set. UPS can be installed to provide uninterrupted power supply.


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