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What Is Best Temperature Inside The Dryer To Dry The Charcoal Briquettes?
Oct 24, 2016

What is best temperature inside the dryer to dry the charcoal briquettes?


As our these years experience of charcoal briquettes drying, temperature inside the dryer shall be around 180-200 degree, and drying time depends on your briquettes moisture content! For example, normally the moisture is around 30%-35%, the drying time shall be around 4 hours or 4 hours half, or it can not be complete dried! 


As you known, the moisture inside the briquettes after briquette press is upto 35%, which is very very high. The wet briquettes touch the high temperature, so surface will be dried soon. Now the problem is coming, the water inside the briquettes need to escape by heating from hot air! So you will see much briquettes are broken if the drying temperature is so high. On the other hands, the speed of mesh is very slowly, high temperature is easily to make fire inside the dryer!


So we need to control the temperature inside the drier to ensure the wet briquettes to dried slowly before the surface are complete dried.

(this drier are assembled in Shenyang, installed in July,2007, still working now)


Of course, for different kinds of briquettes drying temperature can be greatly different, such as coal, can be 250 degree, and for some of mineral briquettes, the temperature can be 300 degree!


But do you know how to control the temperature inside the dryer?  Pls contact belt dryer manufacturer Simba Lee: zzdybriquette@gmail.com



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