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What Factors Affect The Formation Of Coal Briquettes?
Mar 10, 2017

What factors affect the formation of coal briquettes? 

Coal Briquette Machine is mainly used for coal,coke and metallurgical powder of various powdery 

materials of cold pressed briquettes and pellet block. Can be produced into square, spherical, 

elliptic and oval type, round type, column type, egg type, type of bread, pillow and other special 


final briquettes

The following factors will have an important impact on the formation process of coal briquettes:

First:Forming characteristics of coal material

The forming characteristic of coal is the most important internal factor which influences the 

forming process of coal powder. The higher the plasticity of the coal, the better the forming 

characteristics of the pulverized coal.

Peat, lignite and other young coal rich plastic high asphaltene and humic substances, so its 

formability and good molding effect is ideal, even can be used without binder. With the increasing 

degree of coalification, plastic coal decreased rapidly, its forming characteristics become worse. 

The high degree of coalification coal, generally need to add binder to increase coal of plastic 

molding can be.

(Second) molding pressure

When the molding pressure is less than the crushing force, the mechanical strength of briquette 

with the formation pressure increases. Different kinds of coal have different crushing force. The 

optimum forming pressure is closely related to the type of coal, the moisture content and particle 

size, the type and quantity of binder.

coal briquette presscoal briquette press

(Third) material moisture

The main role of water in the process of pressing:

(1) the amount of water can lubricate, reduce internal friction molding system, improve the 

mechanical strength of briquette. If too much water, the particle surface layer becomes thicker, 

it will affect the particle between the fully dense, it will reduce the mechanical strength of 

briquette. In addition, too much water will be easy to crack in the coal briquette drying, prone 

to fragmentation;

(2) if a hydrophilic binder is formed, the appropriate amount of water will pre wetting the surface 

of the particles, which is favorable for the bonding between particles. If the water is too much, 

it will make the effect of binder. More suitable for the formation of water is generally 10%~15%;

(3) if the use of hydrophobic binder molding, the water will reduce the effect of the binder, so 

the general control of the material moisture below 4%.

In short, the material moisture should be flexible according to the actual situation, it is 

controlled in an optimum range;

(Fourth) particle size and particle size composition

The following principles shall be followed when determining the particle size and composition of 

the material:

(1) ensure the arrangement of particles on the block in the most closely, in order to improve the 

mechanical strength of briquette. It has been proved that the smaller particle size is favorable 

to the compact arrangement of particles;

(2) the binder molding process, the best granularity should make the material better than the total 

pore surface and minimum between particles is minimum, to reduce the amount of binder, thereby 

reducing the production cost of coal.

coal briquettes plantcoal briquettes plant

(Fifth) binder dosage

Because of the poor forming performance of most kinds of coal, it is more common to use binder 

forming technology. At this time, not only the binder dosage are the key factors that affect the 

strength of the briquette, and has a very important influence on the coal production cost. From 

the adhesive after consolidation of the situation, to increase the amount of binder can improve 

the strength of the briquette; from the molding process, increase the amount of binder is not 

conducive to improving the forming pressure and improve the strength of the briquette; from the 

increased stability and demoulding, binder amount is not conducive to improve the strength of the 

briquette. Therefore, it is generally necessary to determine the optimum binder content.

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