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What Factors Affect The Balling Efficiency Of The Briquettes Press Machine
Nov 01, 2018

What factors affect the balling efficiency of the briquettes press machine?

The ball-forming rate of the briquettes press machine is a standard for judging the quality of the briquettes press machine. The main function of thebriquettes press machine is to press the material into a briquettes. Therefore, the ball-forming rate is one of the factors determining the quality of the device. The ball-forming rate of the briquettes press machine is also one of the most concerned issues for users. Today we will find out which factors affect the ball-forming efficiency of the briquettes press machine.

The briquettes press machine is mainly used for pressing difficult ball presses mainly for pressing difficult-to-form powder materials. It is characterized by large molding pressure, adjustable number of main engines, and screw feeding device. Mainly used for: pulverized coal forming; dry powder forming; desulfurization gypsum molding; coke powder molding; iron filings and various metal ore powder molding.

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For all customers, improving the goal rate should be their biggest concern. The following Zhongzhou will explain how to improve the ball-forming rate of the briquettes press machine.

First of all, iron or other high-hardness debris is absolutely not allowed in the material to avoid damage to the roll and shaft of the molding machine. The use department should install the iron removal part in the process preparation; the particle size control should be less than 1mm. At 30-40%; 1-2mm particles should be 30-40%, particles with a maximum particle size of less than 3mm should be around 10%; water should be controlled at 8-10% (how much moisture affects the ball formation rate, a little more Less than a little different, absolutely ensure that the water is even, should pay special attention); the feeding must be met, it is advisable to use a speed-adjustable screw feeder to observe the amount of feed to adjust the supply of new materials; binder and other additives ( For example, the user should make industrial preparation according to the type of coal and its use environment.


1, the ratio of binder to material

Choosing a reasonable binder is the first step of the briquette ball. After the binder is found, it is necessary to determine the ratio of the binder to the material. It is generally necessary to determine the optimum amount of binder by testing.

2. Forming pressure of briquette ball press

The optimum molding pressure of the briquette ball press machine needs constant experimentation. According to the type of coal material, the moisture content and particle size composition of the material, and the number of binder types, the ratio of the binder is different. Therefore, the optimum molding pressure is required. Continuous debugging in production.

3. Physical and chemical properties of materials

Whether it is pulverized coal, briquette or coking coal, its elasticity and plasticity have the most prominent influence on the briquetting press. The higher the plasticity of the coal, the better the forming characteristics of the pulverized coal.

4, the water content of the material

The briquette production line requires that the moisture content of the pressed material does not exceed the optimum water content range. Of course, the specific water content of the material is different when pressed.

(1) An appropriate amount of moisture can act as a lubricant to lower the internal friction of the molding system and increase the mechanical strength of the briquette. If the water is too much, the surface layer of the particles becomes thicker, which affects the denseness of the particles, and reduces the mechanical strength of the coal.

(2) Forming with a hydrophobic binder, the moisture content of the material is generally controlled below 4%;

(3) Forming with a hydrophilic binder, generally suitable moisture is 10-15%. In short, the water content needs to be controlled to an optimum range.

5, material size and material composition

The smaller particle size is favorable for the close arrangement of the particles. When the briquetting press is made by the binder molding process, the optimum particle size composition should minimize the total gap between the particles with the smallest total surface area of the material to reduce the adhesion. The dosage of the agent, thereby reducing the production cost of the briquette.

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