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What Conditions Need To Meet For Press Briquette Molding?
Apr 25, 2018

What conditions need to meet for Press briquette molding?

The roller briquetting machine is a kind of briquette making equipment. It can send all kinds of dry and wet powders to the roll pressing area continuously through the prepressing device. Under the pressure of the roll pressing area, the dry and wet powder can be pressed into briquettes. Press briquettes need to meet what conditions?

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1. Physical and chemical properties of materials: The materials to be processed, whether it is pulverized coal, briquette, coking coal, etc., will be affected by their elasticity and plasticity. The higher the plasticity of these raw materials, the higher the compression molding rate.

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2. Pressing force of roller briquette machine: when the briquette ball press presses the material, the molding pressure needs to be debugged slowly, because the moisture and particle size of various coal feeds are different, and the adhesive The ratio is also different. This requires the user to debug slowly, according to the debugging can be obtained to suppress the best molding pressure of the material.


3, the moisture content of the material being pressed: The coal briquette press machine generally requires the moisture content of the material to exceed the optimum moisture content range. The specific suppression of the moisture content of the material is also required to debug. Because the proper amount of water can act as a lubricant, it can effectively reduce the friction in the briquette press system and increase the ball strength of the briquette ball press. However, when the water content is too high, the surface layer of the particles of the material will become thicker, which will affect the full density of the particles, which in turn reduces the strength of the briquettes.


4, the ratio of moisture and adhesive: When the ball press in the press powder, sometimes need to use adhesives to help in order to achieve better strength and yield. The use of hydrophobic adhesive molding, material moisture is generally controlled at 4% or less. When hydrophilic binders are used, generally suitable moisture content is 10-15%. In short, the moisture content needs to be practiced to control it within an optimal range.

5, the ratio of materials and adhesives: because a reasonable choice of adhesive is the key to molding, but also the key to yield. After choosing the right adhesive, the user also needs to determine the adhesive's proportioning standard. This standard can be obtained through debugging and testing.


6. Composition of material and material particle size: After several times of tests of the coal ball press manufacturers, the smaller particle size is more favorable for the close arrangement of particles. Therefore, when the adhesive forming process is adopted, the particle size composition is recently made. It should be the smallest gap between particles that has the smallest total surface area. In this way, the amount of adhesive used can be reduced, that is, the cost of pressing can be reduced.

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