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The Working Principle Of Airflow Dryer
Feb 24, 2017

The Working Principle of Airflow Dryer

As the airflow dryer shape peculiar, many friends think it is very technical content, in fact, 

do not be confused by its appearance, his structure is very simple, we have to understand the 

structure of the maintenance, before the purchase also Figure out its technical principles. 

It is said that a series of ventilation pipes are fitted with a cyclone, which is mixed with hot 

air through the pipe. During the passage of the sawdust is heated to remove the moisture therein, 

and the sawdust, which removes the moisture, Of the cyclone separator and hot air separation fall, 

which is the principle of air dryer.

airflow dryer

The core part of the whole airflow dryer is the last thing like a funnel shape. It is the same as 

the dust removal equipment commonly used in flue gas treatment. It is called "cyclone" and its

function is to remove the conveying medium Gas carrying solid particles of impurities and droplets,

to gas and solid liquid separation, in order to ensure the normal operation of pipelines and 

equipment. In the process of charcoal production it is the role of hot air drying sawdust 

separation, the machine first appeared in the 19th century, and now the technology has been very 


The main part of the airflow dryer is the schematic diagram of the cyclone separator. The hot air 

is mixed with the sawdust to the equipment inlet into the cyclone separation zone of the equipment.

When the hot air of the sawdust enters the cyclone separation tube in the axial direction, the 

airflow is guided The blade of the diversion of the role of a strong rotation, the air flow along 

the cylinder was spiral down into the cyclone cylinder, the density of the sawdust wood under the

action of centrifugal force was thrown to the wall, and under the action of gravity, along the 

wall Fell to the ground. The rotating air flows in the barrel to contract to the center, and the 

secondary vortices are formed upwardly through the top outlet of the apparatus.

As the airflow dryer structure is simple and easy to operate, so the general problem is unlikely, 

but because the production mechanism of charcoal raw material sawdust wood moisture content is 

different, so the drying will inevitably dry or uneven Water is too large, which requires the 

second drying or lengthening the drying pipe, of course, can also improve the hot air into the 

dryer to solve, how, so simple!

airflow dryerairflow dryer


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