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The Waste Biomass Pellet Fuel Comes From Life
Sep 24, 2016

(1) crop residue
"Crop residue" include wheat straw, cotton stalks, straw, corn stalks, corn cobs and other cereal straw, etc. The so-called "crop residue" Apart from power as a result of material things, there are other uses, such as corncobs can be used as production of xylitol, furfural important material and other chemical products; corn stalks, wheat Orange, cotton stalk and other straw through the disposal of rewards and hybrid manufacturing fiber and resin plates; straw can also directly as fertilizer.
China's grain and oilseeds and cotton crop output from 2u01 years to the end of 2006 in stable shape and slight progress. "Crop residue" can be used as a living dynamic about 50%; as livestock feed about 28%; as a waste of about 15%; also for industrial use.

(2) livestock waste water
Livestock farm wastewater rich in a lot of inorganic materials, easy to collect, can be used to produce biogas. Livestock waste collected acceptable manual or machine cleaning, manure used for fertilizer in China, there are also some large farm built by anaerobic fermentation volume and can be used to produce biogas. After gas, slag discharged by night can be used for fertilizer.

(3) municipal living wastes
Recently, China mainly to landfill of waste, in the '' reduction, capitalization and harmless "and some preferential policy support, to burn the waste combustion plants to produce electrical energy is also sensitive to grow. Waste landfill needs capital of occupation, but biogas can also occur. Against waste, no matter what kind of clean disposal method of punishment, dispose of reward and punishment is needed, otherwise it will bring great harm to the environment, this is obvious.
City waste within the meaning of human normal livelihoods and emissions produced are rich in minerals. Today, China's per capita annual output of waste in 450kg and an annual rate of about 9%-inducted GM. China important city waste by kitchen residue, waste paper, scrap fabric, plastic, ceramics, tiles, and so on. Composition of municipal waste subject to consumption and economic growth in the region, there is a big difference.

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