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Technology Of Flow Chart For Coal Briquette Press Production Line &Briquette Plant Price
Mar 04, 2017

Technology of Flow Chart For Coal Briquette Press Production Line &Briquette Plant Price

The Coal Briquette Press is a briquettes making device which can continuously send all kinds of dry 

and wet powder to the roll nip through the preloading device, and press the dry and wet powder under 

the pressure of the roll nip Into the coal briquettes.

Coal Briquette Press production line process:

1, material pile retting 24 hours (coal + water + adhesive) of the physical and chemical reaction 


2, the material (coal + adhesive) stirring, kneading (roll), 

coal briquettes plant

homogenization process.

Raw coal - sieving - crushing - (adhesive preparation and addition) - stirring - retting - stirring 

(homogenization, crushing) - molding - drying

Device Configuration: 

Original Coal Bunker - Vibrating Screen -Coal crusher - Mixer - Kneader - Homogenizer - Separator - 

Coal Briquette Press - Belt Dryer

Process design and equipment configuration Quality requirements:

Enhance the material coal and adhesive affinity and inclusive permeability, and give full play to 

optimize the effectiveness of adhesive modification, improve the molding plasticity.

Process design and equipment configuration in the prone to problems:

1, the structure of the crusher on the larger size of the impact of crushing.

2, mixing the mixer, stirring strength, mixing effect, material and adhesive permeability of the 

poor permeability, poor plastic molding.

3, feeding and feeding quality is not accurate, unstable.

4, crusher before the raw coal belt feeding material is not easy, uniform, crusher capacity and 

granularity control instability, the impact of the process, should be used to specify the weight 

of the belt material.

5, Coal Briquette Press feeding must be continuous, uniform, not shed material.

1) by mixing, retting after the knot of the material to be the second mixing or homogenization, so 

that the molding machine feeding uniform, control molding compression ratio, into the ball high, 

strength Ye Hao.

2) to solve the problem of mixing, retting the raw material of the original coal bunker. The 

general use of the loader to the material into the silo, the material sticky, there are gaps, 

easy to plug the silo out of the mouth, resulting in the material is not continuous, when for a 

long time, forming machine in this state to run, Ball into the ball low.

6, the choice of the principle of forming pressure is not the greater the pressure the better, 

in the pressure to adjust the conditions to choose a reasonable molding pressure, to avoid 

pressure, rebound (hemisphere) phenomenon.

The five stages of briquette molding

1) Qualified material preparation phase

2) plus force compression stage

3) forming stage

4) Pressure feed stage

5) rebound stage

7, into the ball high, easy to touch, non-stick ball, corrosion resistance and wear resistance

1) the size of the ball, coal coal wear coefficient, the corrosion of the binder composition, 

roller material and the compatibility of scientific and reasonable heat treatment process. 

Correctly distinguish between corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. From the current use 

of the effect: Gor15SiMin material by the overall quenching heat treatment, hardness in the HRC60, 

good wear resistance, long service life.

2) forming roll structure and assembly method and its influence

At present, the forming roller structure is mainly divided into hot-loaded structure and upset 

set-type structure. Hot structure can not be replaced on the spot replacement, the second is easy 

to damage the process of replacement wheels.

8, drying can improve the physical and chemical indicators of briquette products.

 Low temperature dry distillation, dehydration from the table and dehydration, adhesive 

penetration effect is more obvious. High mechanical strength.

 ◆ drying indicators: capacity, dehydration rate, energy consumption, environmental protection

 ◆ drying conditions: the material surface area, process temperature, fan air volume, into the 

furnace water

 ◆ drying furnace heating method: automatic heating system, automatic coal, automatic slag 



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