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Technical Issues Need To Be Care During The Briquette Press Machine Operation
Mar 09, 2017

Technical issues need to be care during the briquette press machine operation

Briquette press machine production starting from coal user's point of view, not only to ensure that 

their production efficiency, strive for can satisfy the coal briquette plant and coal users demand, 

so in the production of coal briquette machine in the process, should pay attention to technical 


coal briquette plant

1.Raw materials: a large backlog of anthracite, lean coal, semi coke powder and other non coking 

coal are encouraged to be used in coal briquette plant, purpose to reduce coal production costs.

2. reduce the cost and performance requirements of briquette production (such as water), especially 

the use of clay inorganic binder for producing coal in situ forming more easily, reduce the useless 

ash transportation.

3. foreign coal ash is very low, about 5% ~ 8%, the calorific value is 30 000kJ/kg, we should be in 

line with the requirements of international, the carbonaceous materials having adhesion for bonding 

components, such as tar, syrup, polyvinyl alcohol and starch production of briquette, improve the 

performance of coal briquette, improve calorific value. In addition, can also be used for coal by 

washing, to reduce coal ash, improve the content of fixed carbon briquette.

4. to further improve the production process of briquette equipment, especially the development and 

production of bulk briquetting machine, improved drying furnace structure, binder quantity, stirring.

The uniformity of the improvement, the positive development of coal briquette burner, improve 


5. type coke briquette press machine is to meet the requirements of the ideal raw material gas, 

using asphalt as binder by coal cold pressing after further oxidation, carbonization coke production,or to anthracite, semi coke powder and part of caking coal hot pressing after heat treatment, 

carbonized coke production, improve coal the quality and utilization range, expand the scope of raw 

materials, is the trend of the development of briquette.

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