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Straw Press Economic Cost
Sep 24, 2016

Straw briquette machine is simple and easy to use, high degree of automation, less artificial, high output, low price, low power consumption, easy operation. Are working people become an indispensable good helper. This new industry has was everyone gradually known, now many of city and County of coal boiler has was forced stopped, about sector ordered must to conditions of put coal-fired boiler restructuring genetic material boiler, to protection environment, everyone are in do efforts Ah, because this straw coal in burning of process in the can up "zero emissions", that not row slag, and smoke-free, and no chlorine, and no sulfur dioxide, harmful gas. Biomass resources giant, is a renewable source of energy, commonly found in rural corn straw and sorghum stalk, wheat straw, peanut peanut shells, tree bark can be crushing and processing biomass pellet and so on. Used to replace coal burning. At present, the industry is State-supported industry, buying subsidized.
Output of 1.5 tons per hour, Nissan: 12 tons
Calculated according to the daily capacity of 10 tons
1, straw raw material prices (high estimate) average 100 Yuan/ton (ranged with the kind of straw, the transport distance).
2, grinding process of energy (corn stover) mill 5.5kwx0.8 Yuan/ton = 4.4 Yuan/ton briquette process energy consumption 18.5KWx0.8 Yuan/degrees = 14.8 Yuan/ton total energy 4.4+14.8 = 19.2 Yuan/ton
3, grinding process: Manual 2, briquetting process manually 2, Manager 1, total 5. The average daily wage of 40 X5 = 200 yuan per person
Total employment costs 200 ¡â 10 tons = 20 Yuan/ton
Total cost:
Raw material total energy consumption of 100 Yuan/ton + 14.8 Yuan/ton + salary costs 20 Yuan/ton = 134.8 Yuan/ton (cost)
Market price: 350-production cost per ton = 134.8 yuan per ton profit 215.2
Producing 10 tons per year to produce 10 months: 3000 x215.2 RMB/Mt = 645600

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