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Straw Machine Maintenance And Common Troubleshooting Scenarios
Sep 24, 2016

A straw briquetting machine maintenance and repair
1, periodically check the straw press the electrical components control cabinets contact is good, sensitive and reliable, pay attention to moisture, dust, and keep the Cabinet clean. This equipment should be based on the use of regular maintenance, check all parts for wear, worn parts should be repaired or replaced with new parts, check all parts of bearings, cleaning and regular maintenance should be carried out.
2, in order to prevent wear of the bearing due to lack of oil and grease on a regular basis. Half spindle grease gun oil, a once-daily injection oil roller bearings. Rotating parts must maintain sufficient oil.
3, pressure roller and ring molded blocks the main part, so always check the gap between the pressure roller and circular mould is proper, correct position, tightness of the fastening bolt, do you want to add a little oil to ensure normal use. Flat die in order to prolong the service life, should pay attention to the correct use of flat die, especially molds to keep clean, check, not for use in demolition hammers in order to avoid damage to the surface finish. In mind when installing modules with plywood, keep clean the contact surface, the contact surface is good. Please be sure to check out the shop flat die-tight case, no loose. If there is a hard objects, steel, stone and so on. Flat die hole must be timely clear, pressure roller and circular mould in order to avoid damage.
4, don't stop and ensure that materials are clean, come on corrosion. After the end of the day, you should check for loose connections fixed position, oil parts oil spills.

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