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Straw Briquette Machine How To Shop
Sep 24, 2016

After the now busy, straw, farmers are also burning in the past, nowadays, with the use of straw returning machine, waste straw is used again. Straw pressed into blocks, improving the utilization of the straw, reduce environmental pollution, the full use of resources and environmental protection has an important role. Next, we introduce, straw press selection points:
1, brand and corporate intelligence. General brand quality would be more reliable if it is entered national or local machinery purchase subsidy directory businesses more reassuring. Prior to entering the list of subsidy, enterprises require a series of product quality certification and testing, the findings of the authority of the Ministry of agriculture sector, it provides shoppers with a good way to filter straw press manufacturers. In addition, if even the product name, product number on the manual, safety warnings, technical parameters, performance and maintenance, and the content is not complete, or do not select this product.
2, compare the appearance, tool and process. Welding is mainly look at the fuselage is rugged, sealed tight, and there is no leakage, cracks, dings and any other place. Mold-free casting and forging are two in material under the same basic, late of wear-resistant materials requirements and technology there is a high demand. Some manufacturers use shoddy or even use steel scraps as equipment material bought from the yard, the consumer must keep their eyes open.
3, comparison of bearings. Straw machine work intensity is high, sometimes even 24 hours of uninterrupted work, the high demands on the quality of bearing. In the purchase of straw briquette machine, if possible to the vendor for its bearing. If three products are used or refurbished bearings, will inevitably affect the use of straw briquette press.
4, most of the area is straw briquetting press with motor drive, the motor directly affects the quality of the machine. Single-motor or motor designed to better use of equipment based performance, of course, some dual-motor products through the pull properties of optimal allocation of straw press, more power, more balanced, more productive, but these models often have higher prices.

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