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DAYAHG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY Introduces You To The Steps Of Coal Forming
Jan 15, 2019

DAYAHG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY introduces you to the steps of coal forming

The ball press equipment is the check device of the pellet production line, which determines the actual output of the production line. How to determine the actual output of the ball press equipment? The conventional molding of shaped coal uses a thermoplastic binder and a plastically good material, and the volatiles emitted from the mixture are discharged into the horizontal screw conveyor before the material enters the feeder of the roll forming machine.

The formation of a mixture of moderately warm, plastic coal and binder, more precisely, it has a certain shape but only makes it dense, and therefore, the required unit pressure is relatively low. For example, the pressure used divided by the roll width is described as kN/cm, so that a smaller bearing and a forming machine using a wider press roll are also highly productive. Since the quality of the forming and briquette is improved as the diameter of the press roll increases, the roll diameter of the machine is generally greater than 750 mm, typically 1000 mm or 1400 mm.

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The cooling of the flat coal and the almond, oval or cylindrical briquettes are soft and they are transported by conveyor and chute to the belt conveyor cooling system. The length of the system should be such that the briquette is cooled and sufficient strength is obtained to meet the needs of the next treatment. If necessary, multi-layer belt conveyors can be installed, and water or air blows from coal briquettes can be used to accelerate the cooling of coal briquettes. In special cases (such as higher temperatures) it is necessary to cool in an inert gas. If other binders are used, a hardening treatment is required.

Excessive circulation of powder and chips and unqualified briquettes overflows from the chute, and debris from unqualified briquettes or sieves, powder and debris from the external unloading screen are collected by the conveyor and sent to the waste bin. The material is discharged from the pulp at a certain speed and crushed in a hammer mill. The homogenized recovered product is sent from the conveyor to the main stream and fed to the double screw mixer.

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Dust Control - The molding plant should be designed with a dust removal system, and the collection points are distributed on the kneader, screw conveyor and molding machine feeder. Dust collection uses a cyclone and a wet scrubber can be used if required. The dry dust is returned to the double screw mixer, and the mud of the wet scrubber is returned to the raw coal dryer or discarded according to the situation. Other sections of the briquette plant also need to be dusted.

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