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What Is The Effect Of The Speed Of The Pressure Roller On The Quality Of The Finished Briquettes
Oct 23, 2018

What is the effect of the speed of the pressure roller on the quality of the finished briquettes ?

When we check the quality of the rollers press machine, the compressive strength, wear resistance and drop strength of the finished briquettes are generally used. In order to increase the output of therollers press machine, some users increase the speed of the roller of rollers press machine. What effect does the speed of theroller of the rollers press machine have on the quality of the finished briquettes?


The working principle of the rollers press machine is provided by the reducer to supply power to the two oppositely running press rolls. As the press roll rotates, the material enters the briquettes mold on the pressure roller of the press ball, and the two oppositely running press rolls Pressure is generated to squeeze the material in the ball mold into a spherical shape. As the pressure roller rotates, the closer the two pressure rollers are, the greater the pressure generated. When the two pressure rollers are in contact, the pressure is high. Under the influence, the finished product in the ball mold is formed, so the finished product is related to the pressure received during the molding process, that is, the rotation speed of the ball press.

The speed of the roller of the briquette ball press determines the residence time of the material between the diameters of the two rolls. When the time of the press roll is too short, the pressure will be insufficient, the density of the finished product will be low, and the strength will not be enough, but it is not staying. The longer the time, the better the quality of the finished ball press machine. During the operation of the ball press equipment, the best residence time is 0.6-0.8 seconds, and the speed of the press roller is generally controlled at 3-13r/min, so reasonable control The speed of the ball press is one of the reasons why the ball press produces high quality finished products.

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Therefore, the pressure of the  roller of the rollers press machine should not be changed arbitrarily in order to increase the output. The material processed per unit time is much, but the quality of the briquettes is also reduced. It is not to say that the slower the better, mainly should be in a reasonable speed value. Increasing production can be done in other ways.

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