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Six Reason Of Bearing Damage For Briquette Machine
Apr 17, 2018

Six Reason of Bearing Damage for Briquette Machine

 Briquette machine is a kind of briquettes making equipment. It can press all kinds of dry and wet powders to the roll pressing area continuously through the pre-pressing device, and presses the dry and wet powder under the pressure of the roll pressing area. Into the briquettes. Mainly used in coal, mining, metallurgy, refractory materials, building materials and other industries.

Analysis of Causes of Briquette Machine Bearing Damage:

1, peeling load is too large: check the size of the load. Correct load conditions. Poor installation (non-linearity) Check the size of the load and the bearings used again for the study. Correct load conditions.

2. Intrusion of foreign matter and water in torque load: improve the sealing device and prevent rust when shutting down. Improve the surface finish of paired rolling parts. A dark surface with slight wear is present. On the dark surface, there are a number of micro-cracking depths of up to 5-10 m from the surface, and micro-dropping (micro-stripping) occurs over a large area. The fracture was hit when installed. Improve the sealing device.

3, Poor briquette equipment lubrication, lubricants are not suitable: the use of appropriate viscosity of the lubricant, improve the lubrication method. The surface finish of paired rolling parts is not good. Foreign matter enters the lubricant. Choose the right lubricant.

4, bearing clearance is not appropriate. The precision of the bearing box is not good, and the rigidity of the bearing box is uneven: check the precision of the shaft and the bearing box. Check clearance.

5, shaft deflection rust, erosion points, scratches and indentation check shaft, bearing box accuracy. When the bearing of the briquette equipment is subjected to load rotation, the raceway or rolling surface of the inner ring and the outer ring shows scaly peeling due to rolling fatigue. The so-called card injury is a surface damage caused by the sum of the minor burns caused by the sliding surface injury. Bad lubricant causes rough surfaces. Peeling lubricant is not suitable. Improve lubricants and lubrication methods.

6, (surface deformation phenomenon) caused by the development. Foreign body bites into. Excessive load. Poor use. Improve the installation method (using hot packs, use appropriate tool holders). The briquette equipment bearings are in place so that the ribs are supported. The so-called breakage refers to a small portion of breakage due to the application of musical shock or excessive load to the ribs of the track rollers or partial portions of the roller angles. The card has been overloaded and has excessive preload.

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