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Significance And Necessity Of Desulfurization Gypsum As Cement Retarder
Jan 15, 2019

Significance and Necessity of Desulfurization Gypsum as Cement Retarder

The gypsum wet process is the most widely used and most mature flue gas desulfurization technology for thermal power plants, accounting for 70% of the installed capacity of FGD units. The method uses limestone as a desulfurizing agent, sprays the absorbent slurry into the absorption tower, fully contacts and mixes with the flue gas, and washes the flue gas, so that the SO2 in the flue gas and the CaCO3 in the slurry are strong. Oxidation air reaction, each ton of SO2 can produce 2.7 tons of by-product desulfurization gypsum, a 300,000 KW coal-fired power plant. If the coal contains 1~2% of sulfur, it will discharge 30,000 to 60,000 tons of desulfurized gypsum every year. With the rapid development of China's economic construction, air pollution prevention has become a prominent problem. In China's sulfur dioxide emissions, thermal power plant emissions account for about half. Since 2000, the state has formulated the "10th Five-Year Plan for the Prevention and Control of Acid Rain and Sulfur Dioxide Pollution in Two Control Areas". In the acid rain control area and the sulfur dioxide control area (two control areas), the focus of the reduction of total sulfur dioxide emissions control is on fire. In the pollution of power plants, a series of measures were taken. The state has focused on building a number of desulfurization projects in high-sulfur coal areas, over-emission areas and large power plants near cities. In addition, an average of 40 million tons of phosphogypsum is emitted annually in China, and this figure is still increasing at a rate of 15% per year. At present, the stock of phosphogypsum in China has reached 400 million tons. How to solve the existing and growing "phosphorus gypsum mountain" in China in a timely and thorough manner is a major problem facing the government departments and phosphate fertilizer plants. With the promotion of flue gas desulfurization technology, tens of millions of tons of desulfurization gypsum are discharged from thermal power plants every year, and tens of millions of tons of waste phosphogypsum produced by phosphate fertilizer enterprises occupy a large amount of cultivated land, pollute the environment, and how to effectively use it. It is the responsibility and obligation of all sectors of society to develop waste recycling into a recycling economy. If this project is widely promoted, not only can the plant's desulfurization gypsum and phosphate fertilizer plant be treated with about 70 million tons of phosphogypsum per year, which directly saves a large amount of land occupied by industrial gypsum storage and prevents potential pollution to the environment. Moreover, replacing industrial gypsum with industrial gypsum not only saves gypsum mineral resources, reduces ecological damage and environmental pollution during mining and transportation, but also provides products that meet market demand for society, and realizes social, economic and environmental benefits. The three wins.


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