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Selection Of Binder For Briquette Press Machine
May 09, 2017

Selection of Binder for Briquette Press Machine

Press machine is the powder material through the mixing after the press machine, and in the process of pressing is not only rely on the briquette press itself, also need a strong viscosity, not easy to break an additive, that is the adhesive. Here is to introduce the ball machine used in adhesive.

briquette press machinebriquette press machine

Adhesive as its name implies is a sticky goods additives, but also a variety of adhesives. In this paper, ZHENGZHOU DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY  CO., LTD to introduce several kinds of suitable for coal briquette desulfurization gypsum press machine adhesive several conditions.

The binder of briquette equipment should have the following items:

1 cheap raw materials, rich sources, easy production and processing. 
2 environmental protection will not cause pollution to the environment. 
3 high viscosity. Not easily broken. 
4 hot and cold resistance, good waterproof. 

briquette press machinebriquette press machinebriquette press machine

In order to produce high quality briquette, it is necessary to have high quality coal and good adhesive, and must have good production equipment and good production process. Ball press is the most important part of the production line, the selection should pay attention to the following points: 

1 Because of the size and shape of the coal and the ball, the pressure is also different, according to the economic situation of the selection of molding pressure can be adjusted ball press. 
2 The life of the roller is the most critical, it is best to choose a longer life of forging material or alloy materials to use. 
3 Production of the ball also need to do dry treatment. At present, the best, the highest efficiency is the use of vertical dryer and plate dryer. 

In the production of high quality briquette equipment rely on: one is the binder perfect; two is superior to all equipment, you have good adhesive formula and method of use, no good no good production equipment production capacity and high quality ball not; you have good equipment, good and without binder the use of methods, or not; two closely, indispensable. 

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