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Sawdust Dryer
Feb 24, 2017

Sawdust Dryer (New)

sawdust dryer, assembled with biomass briquette plant, such as screw briquette press or pellet mill, especially for super huge production line, sawdust dryer are key equipment!

Sawdust dryer in the new era of use of the background and sawdust dryer technical parameters, from 

Henan Hongke heavy industry sawdust dryer information provided. With the tightening of 

environmental resources, the comprehensive utilization of biomass energy has been our attention, 

the use of biomass fuels has also been further developed. Woodstuffs, sawdust, wood chips, wood 

shavings, barley straw, oat straw, wheat straw, rye straw, straw, sorghum straw, stalk and corn 

stalks and potato vines, bean stalks dried, including soybeans Straw, broad bean stalks, pea 

stalks, cowpea stalks, lupine stalks and peanut vines have been widely used as biomass energy to 

be widely used. In terms of biomass power generation, due to the high water content of these slag 

materials , Direct combustion is not only low calorific value and excessive emissions also affect

its transport radius, can not meet the actual needs, generally need to go through dehydration, 

drying, molding made of high-density pellet fuel. ZHENGZHOU DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY CO., LTD 

Develop a complete production line of biomass fuel dryer according to market demand!

biomass plant

Sawdust dryer working principle:

The drying machine using the downstream drying process, can be quickly and in large quantities 

for sawdust and other dross materials drying dehydration treatment. The machine drum is equipped 

with high-speed rotation of the broken device, increasing the contact area of materials and drying

 media, the equipment within some of the unique design, so that the material is not easy to adhere

 to the board and cylinder wall, the whole insulation, sealing Good performance, thermal 

efficiency is much higher than the general drum dryer. The machine is compact, easy to install and

 debug, covers an area of small. Roller and crushing devices are used stepless speed regulation,

 can meet the drying requirements of different materials. The machine can be used with different 

fuels (such as coal, heavy oil, natural gas, etc.) supporting the use of heat.

The detailed principle is as follows: the material is fed directly into the drum dryer by the feed

 screw, which is repeatedly taken away by the copy board on the inner wall of the drum, and the 

material is in contact with the high temperature medium with negative pressure. Heat transfer 

process. Due to the inclination of the drum and the action of the wind, the material is moved

 slowly from the feed end, dried by the discharge screw, and the exhaust gas is discharged 

through the dust collector and discharged into the atmosphere. The whole system of large output, 

energy efficient, small footprint, energy saving than ordinary dryer up to 30-50%, can maximize 

the energy savings and drying costs. Performance characteristics of sawdust dryer

1, the drying strength is large, because the material is highly dispersed in the air flow, 

the total surface area of the particles is extremely dry effective area.

2, a variety of weekly hairpin combination distribution, effective control of drying time. 

Drying effect is good.

3, handling capacity, high thermal efficiency. When dry non-binding water, the thermal efficiency 

of up to 80%.

4, according to user requirements to easily control the final moisture index.

5, the use of variable frequency control material flow, according to user needs to easily control

the final moisture index

6, the outlet temperature is low, dust removal equipment for a long time, continuous production 

for the next process. 

7, supporting the new energy-saving hot air stove, energy efficient, thermal 

control, simple operation, coal consumption down as high as about 60% 

8, the new sawdust dryer simple structure, small footprint, easy to build!



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