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Sawdust Briquette Machine How Much Moisture Content Should Be Controlled In?
Sep 24, 2016

Recently, in governance environment is strengthening for in the, this on ultimately we of new environmental energy-sawdust pressure block machine, sawdust pressure block machine is mechanical of representative products, we focused this machine of development has has more than 10 years has, in products technology Shang is is mature has, dared to Germany technology phase comparable has, machine of production and price are is industry in the compared sharp of features, price low. quality reliable is we of advantages one of, welcomes everyone came to visit study.
Sawdust pressure block machine and called sawdust pressure block machine, is obviously raw materials can is crop sawdust/sawdust/sawdust, so these raw materials of water should control in how many within only can processing forming does? by mechanical technology engineers are for everyone detailed of explained, sawdust/sawdust of raw materials water to often of with measuring water device measurement water, into sawdust pressure block machine zhiqian water to control in 18%-25% Zhijian party can forming, if you where of material too wet words, will equipped with drying machine has, Our company has specialized air dryers and drum dryers, according to your item for your dryer to go with you.

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