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Roller Surface Designing Influence On Forming
Jul 13, 2017

Roller Surface Designing Influence on Forming

The basic problem of restricting the shape, size and distribution of briquettes joints is evident when designing the roll surface. It must first be recognized that the coal briquetting machine briquettes nest in the course of the ball never completely closed. Once the bottom of the balloon open, the pressure on the top of the briquettes will be its next to the roller surface perpendicular to the tangent, then the ball in this pressure is easy to damage.

conew_conew_img_4005_conew1.jpg rollers 4.jpg square rollers.jpg

This effect puts a very harsh limit on the design of the roller, and many people want to solve this problem. The structure of the roller is from this assumption. The left type wheel moves horizontally by the eccentric drive so that the bottom of the ball and socket is kept closed until the ball is finished. Then, when the ball is in the closed state when the ball out of the ball.

connection rollers for briquette.jpg

It is also important to have a good pellet release problem. If the ball nest design is correct, the ball into the upper part of the pressure to help mold release. But some materials are easy to sticky walls and cause trouble, so in the design of the ball and the shape and depth of the ball must take this into account.

coal briquettes plant flow chart.jpg

In particular, with a fixed pressure roller small briquette press machine, the need to use the entire roller surface pressure ball. Oval ball nest between the non-working place is very large, into the ball material in these parts overpressure, and determines the pressure machine's highest mechanical load, and the ball in the material is not real. Each ball is separated by a narrow edge, so all the pressure is used for forming and compaction. Therefore, for the pressure ball machine equipment roller surface design work to consider the factors are comprehensive, multi-faceted.

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