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Relationship Between Size, Type And Output Of Coal Briquette Press
Mar 17, 2017

Relationship between size, type and output of coal briquette press

Coal briquette press is an important equipment in the production of coal briquette, all kinds of roller briquette machine, high pressure briquette press, hydraulic press, etc..

Relationship between size, type and output of briquette making machine:

The size of the large briquette machine is large, for example, the production capacity of the large coal briquetting press is high, and the high output must be a large diameter roller. Accordingly, the small size of the briquette ball press is relatively small, because the pressure roller diameter is much smaller than. In addition, if the demand for production is not high, in the selection of briquette ball machine model, you can refer to the following introduction to choose:

If the roller diameter is greater than 80 when the failure rate to less than 80 when much higher, that is two roller diameter, between the two roller bit entrance is bigger, also can make the day on roll the ball on the bowl, which helps to improve the molding pressure. However, if the roller diameter is too large, more than 80, significantly increased the metal material and power consumption, bearing roller unit area pressure will be relatively reduced, but also cause the material in the roller on the uneven stress, resulting in product strength is not enough, because, usually, we you should try to make the roller diameter less than 80.

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Briquette ball press machine for powder pressing particles less than 5mm of the coal powder, carbon powder or weak bonding effect is the best, by coal briquette ball after machining both in the combustion effect, or in the utilization rate has a better effect. When the briquette is used to suppress the pulverized coal, a certain amount of binder can be added in the production to change the strength of the briquette so as to keep the temperature of the briquette, to reduce the toxic gas emission and to improve the combustion value.

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