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Reasons For Not Forming Or Loose Of Biomass Pellet Mill
Feb 14, 2017

Reasons for not forming or loose of biomass pellet mill

Usually, loose or not forming phenomenon would appear when test the pellet mill after complete 

assemble, then what is the reason for that? 

Raw materials reason in the following three aspects:

1. The moisture content of raw materials. The moisture content of raw materials is a vital factor,

 which is usually required below 20%. Of course, the numerical value is not certain, for different

 raw materials have different requirements. For materials like pine, fir and eucalyptus, the 

moisture content should be 13%~17%. For detailed requirements of other materials, you can contact

our professional staff.

2. Feature of raw materials. Straw, wood chips and other materials have different characters and

 fiber structures, therefore, the difficulty level of forming is not the same. Palm is one of 

the materials that are difficult to press.

3. The problem of the share of the mixture. When the mixture of granular materials is restricted, 

the share of various ingredients will also affect the molding rate.

Reason for Pellet Mill:

1. If the new ring die is used, first check whether the compression ratio of the ring die matches 

the raw materials or not. If the compression ratio is too large, the pellets produced would be hard

 and the output is low. Then, the operator must adjust the compression ratio of ring die.

2. Check the smooth degree of ring die’s inner holes and whether the ring die is out-of-round. 

Some poor quality ring die has rough inner holes, and the out-of-round ring die would lead to rough

 and difficult discharging, uneven pellet and low yield. Thus, high-quality ring die must be used

3. Check the wear condition of the taper hole in the inner wall of ring die and press roller after

 using for a period of time. If the taper hole is worn, the ring die can be re processed and 

repaired. If the press roller wears, it must be replaced. The wear of taper hole of the ring die

 has a great influence on the yield.

4. The clearance of the ring die and the press roller need to be adjusted correctly. If the 

clearance is too small, it would aggravate the friction to the ring die and shorten its service 

time. While too large clearance would make the press roller slip and influence the discharging,

 so that the yield would decrease.


Operators would encounter a variety of problems when using pellet mill to produce pellets. 

As long as he can find the solution based on the specific situation, he could make the pellet mill

 in efficient operation.

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