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Reason Analysis Of Final Coal Briquettes Disqualification
May 24, 2017

Reason analysis of final coal briquettes disqualification

The pursuit of the quality of the products is because briquette quality of transportation and the use of the effect of major influence, briquette press machine users sometimes to suppress the finalbriquettes products not up to the requirements of the reasons are in many aspects, such as material ratio, briquette pressure ball machine pressure etc.. In future articles, we will introduce them one by one. Today we are going to talk about the disqualification resaon by two points.

conew_conew_img_3996_conew1.jpg500 press machine (3).jpg500 press machine (3).jpg

The first ingredient is unscientific. For example, the pulverized coal and slaked lime are poured into a mixer and stirred evenly to be crushed and crushed by a conveyor belt. The operation process of this batching process is greatly affected by human factors, such as the amount of water contained in slaked lime, whether all the piles are aged and screened. Its quality depends on the operator's sense of responsibility and level of experience, and fluctuates considerably. Will cause a series of problems of high ash melting point is not a single ball, mechanical strength, thermal stability were different and cooked powder ball rate, which brings great difficulties to the gas gasification process design and operation.

5 tph briuqettes plant.jpg

The second type coal ball machine gap, cooked ball powder rate is high. The staff in order to improve the unit time briquettes yield, often do not care Shengqiu quality by adjusting pressure ball machine for wheel clearance, the coal becomes large, resulting in decreased ball strength. In addition, it results in the waste of coal material. Because the pitch of the briquetting ball mill is too large, the strength of the ball egg is not enough. Once broken, it will probably cause the waste of the coal powder.

500 press machine (2).jpg

The above two points will cause the briquette ball ball machine is not up to the standard, but this is just part of the many reasons, there are many aspects need to consider the measure in coal production, from every detail in place, to ensure high standards of briquette production.

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