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Raw Materials CHARCOAL FINES --Equipment List In Your Charcoal Briquettes Plant!
Oct 24, 2016

Raw materials CHARCOAL FINES --Equipment list in your charcoal briquettes plant!


Briquettes dryer, called belt dryer or conveyor or chain belt dryer also. Which is mainly used to dry the briquettes from briquetting press machine. Charcoal briquettes dryer is Redesigned from coal briquettes machine, famous for its constant 24 hours working and excellent drying.


From the width to length and height, the belt dryer can be custom-made based on customers production capacity, moisture content input and output, even the activity quantity. The briquette dryer is the key equipment in this production line to ensure the production capacity and briquettes quality!


Pls check our new designing briquettes dryer for reference, welcome your inquiry zzdybriquette@gmail.com



Cooling device: Some charcoal plants owner have no much idea on the cooling device, they are confused why we need the cooling device, where will be used for ? 


The danger without the cooling device is that the thousands of briquettes from the dryer with 40-60 degree are piled up together, what will happen? You can guess, the fire will be easily happened, so pls care about the cooling device designing!


Silo for charcoal briquettes: depends o n your storage, some of boss like to storage them into silo, but some of boss like to store them into storage. But no matter any way you used, remember that , the charcoal briquettes don’t like rain!



Briquettes Package Machine: which is common machine in market, you can pack the briquettes into 4-20 kg per package, just depends on your customers order. But remember to add on screen before into paper bag, because no any customers like to get the ash in the briquettes bag!


Welcome your any inquiry and technical exchange on the charcoal plant and we will try our best to give our experience to you!



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