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Process Of Change The Parts- Traditional Rollers To The Briquette Press
Oct 24, 2016

Process of change the parts- traditional rollers to the briquette press


As soon as your charcoal plant is complete, the daily maintenance cost is what we are cared. As for briquetting press(known as roller press also), the key parts are the rollers, which is the complex problem for technical man in plant, the process for changing rollers as follows:


Process of exchange new rollers to briquette press;

1, move the feeder hopper;

2, move the whole shaft with bearing together;

3, unloading the bearing and rollers;

4, change the new rollers back and load the bearing;

5, assemble the shaft to the structure and changed the position for the rollers;

6, install the feed hopper back.






Or, you move the whole roller press out, and transport to roller press to manufacture to change the new rollers. Right?


Usually, 3-5 days are needed by one team with special device, such as hydraulic system. Some of customers told me they can not complete these works at there charcoal plant because of without the device and technical man in 7-10 days. So they are prefer to change the complete shaft with rollers with bearing after the rollers wearing out.


Pls calculate the cost and time you waste and exchange work, most importantly, the production capacity and market you lost on change exchange work.


In order to deal with the the complex exchange rollers process, we test the connection rollers by R&D, finally , we get the new connection rollers for 65Mn,9Cr2Mo, steel alloy materials, pls contact me to get more information on the new connection rollers by zzdybriquette@gmail.com.



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