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DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY Solves The Problem Of Heat Generation In The Ball Press
Dec 10, 2018

DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY solves the problem of heat generation in the ball press

1. When the pulverized coal pressure ball machine is working, the premise of the venting is too bad, and the heat generated cannot be dissipated in time. Just like we were blocked in a car, it felt too hot, so the pulverized coal ball press is just like our human fever, and the pulverized coal ball press is hot.

2. The load of the coal powder ball press is too large. Just like we humans, if you are walking on your own, it will be very easy. If you carry your back on your back, you will definitely feel overloaded. The ball press is also like this. If you give him too much, he will be No, it will be hot. Many people will say that now that they know the reason, you can say how to solve it, um, ok, now let's talk about how we can solve the problem of scalding.

1. Improve the heat dissipation premise of the pulverized coal pressure ball machine motor and the air permeable environment during the production process.

2. Check the current and voltage of the pulverized coal ball press to see if the pulverized coal and other materials are too dry. However, I would like to remind everyone that no matter what the situation, reduce the risk of damage to the pulverized coal ball press equipment, extend the service life of the ball press equipment, and ensure the normal operation of the pulverized coal ball production line, which is in the production of coal briquettes. The primary premise.

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