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Principle Of Briquettes Size&shape Shall Follow
Apr 25, 2018

Principle of briquettes size&shape shall follow

Roller Briquette Machine is mainly used to pulverized coal, coal slurry, medium coal, coking coal, coke powder, coke, and metallurgical powder cold-pressed pellets and other powdered materials pressure ball building blocks. It can produce special shapes such as square shape, ball shape, oval shape, goose egg shape, perfect circle shape, column shape, bar shape, bread shape and pillow shape.

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We know that the current coal briquettes press manufacturers basically implement custom production to fully meet the individual needs of users. The roller ball socket can be customized, but this does not mean that it can be set arbitrarily. We must also consider the nature of the material and the quality of the ball. Therefore, different types of ball presses have certain principles for ball socket design.

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Different types of briquette machine have different sizes of briquette sockets depending on the material to meet different requirements. For example, for the dry powder briquettes machine, you need to choose the flat square briquette socket, and the briquette socket is not large and shallow, the main reason is that the dry powder briquette machine does not allow any sticking when pressing the raw materials. Mixtures, if you use deep briquette sockets and large briquette sockets, the balling rate is not high. Even difficult to shape.

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For the briquette press machine, large briquette sockets should be used as much as possible, and the briquette sockets should be set to be spherical, so that as long as the amount of water and adhesive used for the material is well controlled, the yield rate of finished balls that are extruded is as high as 95 percent. and the briquette strength is very good. If you can't do it once, you can try to press the briquette twice, and you can guarantee the briquette rate and strength. Therefore, the pressure ball machine equipment roll skin design must also refer to and follow other aspects.

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