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What Are The Pre-requisites For High-yield Production Of Coal Briquetting Equipment?
Dec 13, 2018

What are the pre-requisites for high-yield production of coal briquetting equipment?

The processing equipment of briquette equipment is very wide, including ball press, desulfurization gypsum ball press, briquette equipment and so on. Among them, coal briquetting equipment can also be called briquette pressure ball machinery equipment. It can be said that it will gradually occupy a certain market in the future market, because the briquette equipment technology can easily process coal powder into pellets, which is convenient for enterprises. The transportation also expands the use of pulverized coal.

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 At present, there are many manufacturers of briquette equipment, but basically the production is relatively rough. What we are talking about today is the main problems that the ball press equipment will have and the places that the equipment manufacturers do not pay attention to.

The main performance of briquette equipment is:

Briquette press ball: This is the most wearable and most prone to problems. The material of the press is required to be Mn13 or above. However, the materials of the company are not able to meet the standard of Mn13. Many of them are made of cast steel. Instead, the user will easily wear out after using it for a period of time, which is a waste of manpower and financial resources. Therefore, the equipment for purchasing the coal pressure ball machine must ask the material of the manufacturer's pressure roller, and if necessary, it can be tested.

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Transmission of briquette ball press: The briquette equipment mainly works and runs through the pressing force, so the purchase is the transmission part must carefully observe the motor and reducer, the motor must be copper core, is the copper core The ability to achieve the required power, or else, the strength of the product out of reach. In addition, the reducer must find the reducer produced by the regular manufacturer. The outer casing and speed ratio of the reducer are the most important. DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY is a professional manufacturer with excellent mechanical equipment, exquisite processing capability and fine management specifications. The process design is advanced, the quality assurance system is sound, and the pre-sale, sale and after-sales service are thoughtful. Adhering to the tenet of "customer first, quality refinement, win-win cooperation, honesty is gold", we regard customer value orientation as the core value of the company, and we are willing to cooperate with customers in the tide of economic globalization. , work together to create tomorrow.

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