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Molding Characteristics Of Pulverized Coal In Briquette Press Process
Mar 14, 2017

Molding Characteristics of Pulverized Coal in Briquette Press Process

The formation of pulverized coal, especially the non binder forming, is related to the composition and properties of coal. The so-called coal elasticity refers to the compression deformation of coal particles under the action of external force, when the external force after the withdrawal of coal particles can restore the original state of nature. The so-called coal plasticity, refers to the coal particles under the action of external forces caused by any shape, when the external force is still able to maintain the shape of the nature of the.

Generally, the plastic molding is good and the effect of coal forming is good. Peat, lignite rich young asphaltene and humic acid, can be described as "self adhesive, coal aromatic nucleus increased, reduce the side chain, functional groups, neatly arranged compact, hardness and elasticity of coal is high, plastic reduce, the forming effect of variation. Therefore, the binder of bituminous coal and anthracite forming process.

The forming property of coal is related to the composition of coal. General: clarain coal, mirror plastic, the dark coal forming; although the hardness, but will cause a lot of tar pyrolysis, conducive to forming; carbon wire brittle, no plastic molding, the validity of performance is not ideal the lithofacies group.

The composition and properties of minerals in coal have great influence on the forming properties. Containing clay minerals in many coal, water viscosity, plasticity increases, is conducive to forming.

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The utility model relates to a ball pressing machine, which is a device for pressing powdery material into a ball. Application of pressure ball machine is very wide, the following material pressure groups, granulating pressure ball, such as aluminum powder, activated carbon, alumina, bauxite, caustic soda, charcoal, clay, coal, coke crumbs, cryolite, fertilizer, plastic, limestone, pigment, urea, potassium salt...... Wait。 Its purpose is to reduce dust, control bulk density, return to use, improve transport characteristics, etc..

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