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Model Of Briquette Press And The Materials Can Be Pressed By Roller Press
Feb 23, 2017

Model of briquette press and the materials can be pressed by roller press

The briquette press is a device that presses the powdered material into balls.The use of briquette 

press is extremely extensive, can be the following materials for pressure, granulation or pressure

ball, such as aluminum, activated carbon, alumina, bauxite, caustic, charcoal, clay, coke, coal, 

Fertilizer, plastic, limestone, paint, urea, potassium and so on ... ... and so on. 

Its purpose is to reduce dust, control the bulk density, return to use, improve the transport 

characteristics. The design of the production capacity is mainly used for dry powder pressed into 

the Piejiang method of magnesium refining process in the ball material.

Briquette press model and classification:

 ① According to the pressure classification of coal in the molding, generally can be divided into

: low pressure (line pressure 0.3-0.8t / cm), medium pressure (line pressure 1-2t / cm), high

 pressure (line pressure 2 - Cm) three categories.

 ② According to the shape of the briquettes can be divided into: round, oval, square, drip-shaped,

 8-shaped, pillow-shaped, column-shaped, apricot-shaped and so on.

 ③According to the size of the briquettes, such as the diameter of the round briquettes generally

 in diameter 30 to 50mm diameter, the maximum ball diameter: diameter 60mm, thickness of 25 ~ 32mm

, other shapes briquettes specifications, mainly based on user needs, Do not repeat this.

 ④ According to the molding machine stand-alone production capacity to divide the model, pressure

 ball machine forming roll diameter and roll width of the specifications is to determine the main 

factors of production capacity.

Briquette press press material as follows:

1, metallurgical industry, non-ferrous metals, ferrous metal ore powder powder and then smelting,

 such as sludge, scale, dust, iron powder, ore powder, manganese ore powder, silicon and manganese

 alloy powder.

2, thermal power plant produced by the gypsum granulation block for the production of cement 

retarder. (With a high water pressure ball machine, easy stripping)

3, coal industry, a variety of coal, coke powder, slime, coal and other ball making block for 

industrial boilers and civilian boilers.

4, chemical fertilizer industry lime coal pulverized coal block, instead of lump coal, cost 


5, the building materials industry ceramics factory, glass factory, gas furnace gas making with 

coal making block, instead of lump coal, cost savings.

6, refractory industry refractory ball making block, gas furnace gas making with coal making block,

 instead of lump coal, cost savings.

7, dry powder hydraulic pressure ball machine for a variety of requirements without the

 production of water powder, such as lime, metal magnesium powder, alumina, aluminum ash and other

 dry powder system made of ball block. (With high pressure hydraulic powder pressure ball machine)

8, all kinds of industrial industries produce powder, where the need to furnace smelting; all powder material, need to pressure the ball need to pressure ball machine to complete.


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