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The Common Misunderstandings Of Users In The Production Of Briquette Machine
Apr 18, 2018

The common misunderstandings of users in the production of briquette machine


In order to increase the strength of the briquettes, there is a misunderstanding in the production. It is believed that the greater the pressure between the two pressure rollers of the briquette machine, the higher the strength of the briquettes. In fact, the pressure between the molecules of the material has a limit. When the pressure exceeds this limit, the material molecules will slide, causing the material to crush. At this time, a large number of hemispheres appear, and the balling rate is greatly reduced. It will reduce the strength of the briquettes and make the pressed briquettes difficult to form. Therefore, the pressure between the press rolls is a key factor influencing the pelleting of the pelletizer.

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In terms of material moisture content briquette machine except for a few raw materials such as limes, corundum and other dry powder briquette machine, most of the materials are used wet material press briquettes. Moisture changes affect the particle size and quality of the green balls. Usually the raw water is too high, the initial ball becomes faster, but it is easy to cause the green balls to stick to each other and deformation is not easy to remove the briquettes, resulting in uneven distribution of the green ball size, poor strength, At the same time, it is difficult to dry, and if the water content of the raw material is too low, the gap between the two hemispheres tends to increase, resulting in poor bonding strength of the powder, too many hemispheres, and low rate of ball formation or even ball formation. Therefore, the water content of the pressure ball also affects the ball making machine.

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There are also users who want to increase the productivity of the ball press. The faster the speed of the two rollers is, the better. As the raw material presses between the rollers, the internal air between the loose materials will gradually be discharged. When the pressure roller rotates too fast, the surface of the pellets will leave a crack due to the gas between the raw materials. This will reduce the strength of the pellets. Can't even score. So this approach is also not desirable.

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