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Methods To Solve The Misalignment Under Briquette Press Machine On The Ball
Mar 18, 2017

Methods to solve the misalignment under briquette press machine on the ball

Briquette Press Machine circumferential briquettes dislocation adjustment ball around dislocation point first, this situation is very rare, if you are in the process of using more inspection, pay attention to the maintenance, this is generally avoided. But in this case, we have to come up with a solution.

rollers of briquette press

The solution staggered briquettes making machine is on the briquettes: to find the adjustment plate is arranged in the passive gear end, loosen the screw around, turn the screw top screw tightening with a manual wrench until the adjustment disc for the loose state, then according to the number of dislocation two briquettes to adjust to the best state.

This phenomenon first detection of bearing is not broken, if any, replace the bearing, then loosen no need to adjust the roller bearing seat cover, and then according to the displacement, in the bearing cover at both ends and gasket, then tighten the cap bolt.

rollers and final briquettes

briquettes machines circumferential dislocation adjustment is important, but more often, must master the skilled technical personnel adjustment as follows: all released (down three ring ten bolts), passive gear ring weeks if the opposite direction, can be transferred from the inversion (because I do not know the direction of the original). Correct the ten bolts that are loosened in front. Familiar with the method to keep in mind, the next tune.

simple production line

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