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Method Of Binders Adding During Coal Briquette Press Process
Mar 18, 2017

Method of binders adding during coal briquette press process

The uniformity of binder and raw coal blending is an important factor to ensure the quality stability of briquette, and the key to realize the uniform mixing is the way of adding binder. Different state of the binder has different ways to adding. When required to add uniform dispersion, accurate quantitative.

1, Solid Binder

General selection of the mill before the total mix with binder (without water) to join the position, so that the binder can be continuously and uniformly added to the raw coal. This is the first round of the binder mixed with coal. When the material enters the crusher, the amount of water is added in the grinding process, so as to adjust the forming water and further contact the coal and the binder. This is a mixture of the second mixed. After the crusher, and then into the molding machine. This is the third round. After 3 rounds, the uniformity of binder and raw coal was ensured.

In order to ensure the dispersity of the block binder, it is necessary to crush, grind and screen it to a certain degree of fineness (<1mm). Usually after the end of mixing, sampling should be taken, the intermediate test, the main technical indicators of mixed materials, analysis of its uniformity, in order to provide feedback to guide production. The amount of binder is controlled by adjusting the speed of the screw conveyor.

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2, Liquid binder

The liquid binder must be stirred, measured and then put into the coal. The general selection of the crusher for the main position, and take a dynamic way to join the uniform. Because of raw coal in the crusher is highly fragmented coal churning and added binder can fully contact; and adding liquid binder can reduce the dust pollution in the process of grinding; at the same time, there will not be static when joining deposit into a group phenomenon. The utility model can also be additionally provided with the adding point of the adhesive in the feeding port of the mixer, which is used to supplement and adjust the amount of the binder and control the total moisture of the material according to the fluctuation of the incoming material. Measurement of liquid binder often use metering pump (a kind of reciprocating pump).

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3, solid and liquid mixed binder

The solid and liquid binder mixing, the first solid binder ground, according to solid liquid to the order of succession in proportion to join. Moreover, the mixing process is continuously stirred to make the solid liquid component react sufficiently and ensure the uniformity of the solid liquid binder. The position of the solid liquid binder is basically the same as that of the liquid binder.


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