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Material Moisture Control For Coal Slime Ball Press Machine
Mar 29, 2017

Material Moisture Control for Coal Slime Ball Press Machine

In the production of ball press machine, the moisture of raw material has a great influence on the forming effect, so DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY introduces the method of adjusting the water content of the raw material in the BALL PRESS MACHINE production line, so as to facilitate the customers to use the ball mill equipment better.

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Control moisture content in pressure ball machine production process, can reduce the occurrence of false ball and hemisphere phenomenon in slime pressure ball machine production process, material moisture must be strictly controlled,general in the position of mixer. The material is too dry, ball pressure, prone to two hemisphere and broken ball phenomenon; the material is too wet, pressure the ball can cause pressure ball machine socket block material out of the ball and the stuffy the rollerr.

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The general coal pressure ball machine into a coal briquettes when water binder with lime and clay molding water 18-20%; binder adopts pulp or humic acid forming water 10-12%; using compound binder molding water 11-13%; asphalt binder adopts molding without binder 2-4% water; water 12-18% young lignite molding without binder; weathering when the water is 15-18% anthracite extrusion molding; powder molding without binder when the moisture content is less than 2%.

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The debugging process of coal slurry pressure ball machine production line, is to adjust the test process, ball press machine equipment, the more is the operation and maintenance personnel training,so to make full use of pressure ball machine production line debugging stage, grasp the equipment operation procedure and operation technology, so that the pressure ball machine production line as soon as possible officially put into operation, play a greater economic benefits.

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