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Key Technology For Briquettes Press And Dryer
Feb 13, 2017

Key technology for briquettes press and dryer

1, For briquette press

First: the size of final briquettes you plan to produce, we are recommend the customers to check the local market to get answer, but we also give his our idea such as shape size and reason for this shape and size. Such as for BBQ briquettes, we recommend square shape by 45*45*35, which is test by many years, easy to fire and easy to light, most importantly, this size can make sure the fire time long enough( 4 hours without wind), no waste for briquettes;

Second: Service life for rollers: i think you got much idea from supplier on the materials for rollers, such as  65Mn, 9Cr2Mo, High steel alloy also, but not all know well the feature of these materials.  Which one is best for your charcoal fines, depends on your charcoal fines feature, such as size, moisture content , impurity also. 

Third: Maintenance work for rollers, need to calculate the cost,not only the rollers cost, but also the cost for wokers & tools you need buy and rent,which are always forgot by customers;

Pls check the advantage of our new connection rollers compared with traditional rollers exchange work!


2, Dryer

1, No matter which kinds of dryer you plan to assemble, fire accident must be considered. How to deal with this accident when you find the fire inside the dryer.  I saw some fire site which sent by customers, lose much, more than 20 tons charcoal briquettes fired inside dryer, no way to move it out. He send to me picture and ask me to give idea at deep night by calling! So terrible!

After that accident, he came to China and find me to buy dryer!


2,At least two sets of draught fan assembled for dryer, one set for hot air and one set for moisture out;


3, make sure the charcoal briquettes moved but not flowed by hot air in one side or place, easy to light it!



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