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Introduction And Analysis Of Briquetting Equipment Rollers' Cover Material
Mar 29, 2017

Introduction and analysis of briquetting equipment rollers' cover material 

The briquetter machine, and the rollers' cover is one of the key parts, plays an important role in the life of roller determines the briquette press machine using time, at the same time roller is  only wearing parts of briquette press, therefore, at the time of purchase, carefully check the roller briquette machine to abnormal to do so, not only to ensure the quality of briquetting equipment, can effectively reduce the equipment cost and increasing economic benefit.

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The material of rollers' cover is divided into 65 manganese, 9 chromium 2 molybdenum, high chromium alloy and so on. Suppression of different materials should be selected for different briquette equipment: 65 manganese material is popular, which belongs to the steel casting, low cost, generally used for briquette equipment with low yield, such as pulverized coal briquette machine, capable of pressing coal, coke powder charcoal powder material; 9 Cr 2 Mo high chromium alloy roller briquette press machine belongs to the forged parts, mainly used for coal, large high output coal briquette machine, capable of pressing powder, iron powder, magnesium oxide, nickel laterite etc.

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65 manganese is a kind of common spring steel with high hardenability, the surface decarburization tendency is smaller than that of silicon steel, and the comprehensive mechanical property after heat treatment is better than that of carbon steel, but it has overheating sensitivity and temper brittleness. Bearing steel has high hardness, uniform hardness, high elastic limit, high contact fatigue strength, the necessary toughness, a certain degree of hardenability, in the atmosphere of the corrosion resistance of lubricants. It is not difficult to see from the above material analysis that the bearing steel is more economical and durable than the 65Mn, and the service life is longer. It is the best choice for the roller skin material of the ball press.

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The forging of 9 Cr2Mn roll is finished by quenching, and the mechanical properties of the steel are improved by quenching and tempering. The working procedure is to heat the roller skin to Ac3 or Acm or more, and heat treatment process of pearlite structure in the air after proper heat preservation time. Objective: to obtain a certain degree of hardness, refine the grain, to obtain a more uniform microstructure and properties. To eliminate the defect of a process, to provide a suitable state of tissue, or to obtain a suitable mechanical property. Slag after quenching pressure ball machine roller generally have a temper, to reduce or eliminate quenching stress, improve toughness and plasticity, obtain appropriate hardness, strength, plasticity and toughness, in order to meet the requirements of some properties and skin.

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The Cover is an important and indispensable component for briquetting  equipment, coal briquette machine roller determines the briquette machine pressing shape, pressure ball machine roller is dug in the ball socket member includes a cylindrical shape in a surface layer pressure ball machine roller core outside. According to the different assembly methods are divided into integral and split type.

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The roller is directly related to the problem of the quality of life and the pressure ball machine, pressing some raw materials relatively hard, often easy to wear and skin, we must consider the quality problem and when the skin so in the choice of pressure ball machine, to be made of high strength wear-resistant material, can avoid the roller wear leather, greatly increased the pressure the service life of the ball machine.

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