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DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY To Tell You How To Solve The Virtual Ball In The Actual Production Of The Ball Press?
Dec 13, 2018

DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY to tell you how to solve the virtual ball in the actual production of the ball press?

The diameter of the pellets is generally between 20-80mm, the pass rate is 85%, and the compressive strength is 30N. The pellet desulfurization gypsum belongs to the product formed by the material process, and its chemical composition is exactly the same as that of the wet powder desulfurization gypsum. It is not only its physical properties, such as the good fluidity of pellet desulfurization gypsum, it will no longer cause blocking and blocking, and it is convenient for transportation and application in cement production. However, in the actual production process of the ball press, a virtual ball often appears, and the strength of the virtual ball is particularly poor, and has a great influence on the ball formation rate. Because the strength of this virtual ball is not ideal, it directly leads to an increase in the return of the scrap. The material after the agitation, especially the material after kneading, is plastically enhanced, but there are many agglomerated materials, which enter the forming machine to the roller. A short "bridge" phenomenon occurs, which causes the material in the mold to be not filled to form a "virtual ball". Due to the existence of these agglomerates, the bulk density of the materials is uneven, and the density and strength between the briquettes after molding may vary greatly.

500 press machine (3)

In order to improve the sphericity and the uniformity of the quality and strength of the briquettes, DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY has developed the JH series homogenizer based on years of experience, adding a homogenization process to the production process. The homogenizing machine uses the high-speed running homogenizing blade to break up the mass in the material before entering the molding machine, so that the loose bulk density of the material is uniform, such material can avoid the generation of "virtual ball" and improve the coal ball between the batches. Uniformity of density and strength to ensure the quality of the briquettes. The increase of the homogenization process and the application of the homogenizer provide the molding machine with a uniform material with uniform bulk density, which greatly improves the molding rate of the molding machine.


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