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How To Solve The Flash Edge Of The Finished Briquettes From Briquetting Press Machine?
Oct 23, 2018

How to solve the "flash edge" of the finished briquettes from briquetting press machine?

The briquetting press machine is a briquettes making device, which can continuously send various dry and wet powders to the rolling zone through the pre-pressing device, and press the dry and wet powder under the pressure of the rolling zone. Into the ball. Mainly used in coal, mining, metallurgy, refractory materials, building materials and other industries.


Common problems of briquetting press machine, how to solve the problem of "flashing" on finished balls?

There is no central control on the briquettesl socket of the two roller skins of the ball press. There is no central control between the ball socket and the ball socket. The slight result will cause the finished ball to have burrs. In severe cases, the finished ball will be unqualified, resulting in misplaced products. At this time we have to adjust the two pairs of rollers, adjust the bearings of the two rolls, so that the bearing and the center point of the stick ball nest. In this way, the ball pressed out by the ball press machine will not have a burr. Through the above adjustment, we can suppress the smooth and solid sphere, and there will be no deformation or slag in transportation.

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There is a gap between the two pairs of rollers of the ball press. If there is a gap between the two rollers, the contact area of ??the material in the two pressure rollers is reduced, and some materials are not pressed by the pressure roller, resulting in a "burr" of the finished ball of the ball press machine. . In this case, we can adjust the roll gap of the ball press. Note that the gap between the two roll skins of the ball press machine is not too small. Too small and too tight will cause the two rolls to lock and not rotate, and will also reduce the life of the press roll.

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