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How To Quickly Identify And Accurately The Briquette Press Machine Failure Of The Site And The Reasons?
Mar 05, 2017

How to quickly identify and accurately the briquette press machine failure of the site and the 


Briquette press machine fault diagnosis methods can generally be divided into two types: artificial 

visual diagnosis and equipment diagnosis. How to accurately and quickly identify the location and 

causes of failure? Master the following methods can help you quickly find the reasons for briquette 

press machine failure.

(1) according to the characteristics of the sound to determine the fault. Identify the fault should 

be noted that abnormal sound and speed, temperature, load and the relationship between the sound 

position, but also should pay attention to abnormal sound and concomitant phenomenon. This judge 

the fault accuracy is higher.

(2) direct observation of the phenomenon of powder briquette press machine abnormalities. E.g. Oil 

leakage, leakage and loose parts or broken parts, etc., can be judged by the fault to see.

(3) by using the nose to break the smell to determine the fault. For example, when the wire burns 

out, it gives a burnt odor. Thus according to smell different abnormal smell to identify the fault.

(4) test is the test, there are two meanings: First, through the trial to reproduce the fault in 

order to identify the fault, the second is by replacing the suspected parts of the failure and then 

test to check whether the failure to eliminate. If the fault is removed, the replaced parts are 

defective. It should be noted that some parts of a serious abnormal sound, you should not do the 

fault reproduction test, in order to avoid a greater mechanical accident.

(5) hand touch the suspected fault or fault-related parts, in order to find out where the fault. 

For example, touch the brake drum by hand to see if the temperature is too high, if the temperature 

is too high, hot and unbearable. It proves that the wheel brake brake drag failure, and if, by 

touching the hydraulic tube with the vibration of the hydraulic system in conjunction with the 

noise can be judged within the system gas and so on.

(6) is measured with a simple instrument, according to the measured results to determine the fault. 

For example, with a multimeter to measure the resistance of the circuit, voltage, etc., in order to 

determine the circuit or electrical components of the fault. Another example. Use the cylinder 

table to measure the cylinder pressure to determine the cylinder failure.

(7) by understanding the conditions and time of use of briquette press machine, as well as the 

phenomenon of failure and history, in order to determine the fault or to provide a reference for 

judging the failure.

In addition, the diagnosis of failure, it should also be noted that in use, the briquette press 

machine failure rate and the use of time changes in the law and its characteristics. In short, by 

understanding the situation, the diagnosis of fault targets clear, to avoid the blindness of fault 

diagnosis, so that the fault diagnosis is more accurate and fast.


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