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How To Choose The Pellet Mill For Different Kinds Of Final Pellet?
Nov 29, 2018

How to choose the pellet mill for different kinds of final pellet  4-12mm and 12-65mm ?

Following the environment protect request by all over the world, biomass fuel are widely acceptable by people, replace the traditional fuel materials is the tendency following the industry development. On the other thing, the raw materials for biomass pellet is easy to get with large scare.

biomass pellet

Raw materials for biomass pellet:


--straw (corn stalks, large soybean straw, sorghum, cotton stalk, rape straw, peanut vine, sunflower stalk);

--rice husk;

--peanut shell; 




--wood cut head; 

--bamboo shavings; 

--bagasse and so on.

Various of biomass materials generated in the farm can be used as raw materials pellet.

 wood pellet production 4

The Normal pellet production line flow chart as follows:

-- Pre-drying process by sunshine, which can reduce the 30-50% moisture from materials;

--Grinding system to get the small size of dust, bigger size can be used to make pellet directly, but the materials are easy to block the conveyor or feed port;

--Drying system to control the feeding materials moisture content less than 15%;

--Pellet system, rollers pellet system; 2, punch pellet system.

--Cooling &screen system;

--Package system.

Kindly contact with me to get the detailed designing flow chart for reference: zzdybriquette@163.com  simba lee, whatsapp:+86-13526658007

Now, normally the pellet size is from 4-12mm, but some customers want to get bigger size pellet, such as 20mm or 22mm, even more bigger around 50mm also( we can call it briquettes also). How to make these briquettes?  

1, rollers pellet mill, no matter the vertical pellet mill or the horizontal type pellet mill, the final pellet max size can be 10-12mm only, can not be more than 12mm, which is cost& designing limited, or the economy value is not suitable.  There are two rollers running inside the mould to push the materials through the mould, following the rollers running, the materials are easy to pushed out as request diameter.

wood pellet production line 2 2015061209055163

2, Punch type pellet machine, which is not same designing with rollers mill, is making the pellet by high power hammer to hit against with high speed, to force the materials pass the mould, the max diameter can be 65-70mm. And length can be easy to control also.

wood pellet machine briquettes 2

Please kindly contact with me to get more technical date and information on above two different kinds of pellet machine. zzdybriquette@163.com; zzdybriquette@gmail.com  whatsapp: +86-13526658007 .

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