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How To Improve The Complete Briquettes Rate And Final Briquettes Quality?
Aug 02, 2017

How to Improve the complete Briquettes Rate and Final Briquettes Quality?

Briquette Press Machineis mainly used for coal powder, coal, slime, sludge, coking coal, coke powder, coke, metallurgical powder cold briquettes and other powder material pressing into briquettes. Can produce into a square, spherical, oval, goose-type, round, column, bar, bread, pillow and other special shapes.

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The pressure of coal briquettes machine. Key factors is the pressure of the coal briquettes machine for high complete rate for press into briquettes, and forming pressure depends on the coal filling roller pressure on the degree of bowl. The greater the filling of the coal in the bowl, the greater the reaction force on the coal when the bowl is closed, and thus produces enough pressure to squeeze the briquettes more densely. Therefore, the molding pressure and the characteristics of coal, the diameter and width of the press roller, the distance between the two pressure roller, the roller speed and the shape and size of the briquettes and other factors.

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The surface materials of rolelrs is also affected. So the roller material to choose a good material, the current mainstream commonly used 9 chromium 2 molybdenum roller leather material casting, wear the strongest ability to greatly improve the service life of briquette ball machine equipment.

The structural assembly of the briquette press machine is also important. All parts of the installation and coordination that naturally can play the greatest effect, if there is a local installation is not appropriate, it will affect the coal briquettes press machine equipment into the briquettes  rate.

Coal briquettes on the size and shape can not be separated from the relationship. It is worth mentioning that the briquettes press is with the roller speed and change, not immutable. As long as the above points, you can ensure that the ball pressure ball machine equipment to reach the factory standard ball, and with high density, into the ball high, consistent shape and other characteristics.

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ZHENGZHOU DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY CO., LTD, who is professional at coal/charcoal/mineral powder briquette press machine and coal/charcoal/mineral briquettes plant designing and manufacturer more than 20 years, service for hunderds of briquettes machine and briquettes plants customers from domestic and abroad! After thousands of redesigning & updating and hundreds of customers test, we are glad to recommend our key technology connect rollers for press machine and chain plate dryer. Connection rollers for briquette press is greatly short the time to change the rollers and save much cost on rollers; New Designing Chain Plate Dryer is famous for its large production capacity upto 25-30tph, less briquettes damage, and strong drying ability final briquettes moisture content less than 5%!

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