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How To Improve Final Briquettes Strength?
Sep 04, 2017

How to improve final briquettes strength?

The final briquttes strength from briquette press machine is the important factor to ensure no broken during the storage and transport process.

It is an important criterion is the strength of briquette pressing out from briquetting machine. But in addition to the strength of the briquettes in addition to the purchase of good quality coal briquette press machine, but also with many factors, then how to improve the hardness of briquette from briquetting machine?

Select the appropriate briquette binder, in the selection of briquette raw materials, briquette manufacturers must conduct briquette binder experiment, the appropriate briquette binder, briquette into the final briquettes is an effective guarantee.

The dry and wet degree of raw coal, generally in the production of briquette will add the right amount of water, moisture can play a role in lubricants to reduce the internal friction of the molding system to improve the mechanical strength of briquette. If the use of hydrophilic binder molding, the amount of water will be pre-wetting the particle surface, which is conducive to mutual bonding between particles. More suitable for forming the water is generally 10% -15%; if the use of hydrophobic adhesive molding, the water will reduce the effect of the binder, so the general control of water content below 4%. In short, the material moisture should be based on the actual situation to master, to control it in a range.

Raw material crushing process in the whole briquette production process is particularly important, after the crushing of the material size ratio is reasonable also determines the quality of the final briquette product quality, briquette production generally requires particle size ≤ 3mm , So what kind of grinder to choose in the production of briquette is an important issue to consider.

mini hammer crusher.png hammer crusher.jpg hammer.jpg

 The proportion of the raw material in the production of briquette is very important. The uniformity of the mixing is also very important, which directly affects the briquettes strength of the briquette machine. Therefore, it is also very important to choose the appropriate briquette and wheel mill mixer. 

The above four points, is the pressing raw materials into the briquette pressure briquette machine should pay attention to a few very important issues, is to improve the coal briquette machine coal forming a favorable guarantee, you can let the briquette  machine into the briquettes More solid and more difficult to break, so as to facilitate the use and transport later.

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