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How To Extend The Service Life Of Briquetting Press, Daily Operation And Maintenance Is The Key
Mar 14, 2017

How to extend the service life of briquetting press,Daily operation and maintenance is the key

Daily maintenance and inspection of equipment used in coal briquette process is very necessary, the best reference shipment delivery instructions, check the installation screw is loose, oil, motor current, bearing fever, triangle belt walking pressure cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder should be down to check, if there is a change of temperature, pressure changes caused by oil spills and other reasons, should inject new oil or run back to reach the required working pressure of hydraulic correction period changes, such as operation of hydraulic system leakage found should immediately stop, and then start to repair leakage.

coal briquettes plant

First:Briquetting Press Machine installation and maintenance guide

Briquetting Press Machine installation should pay attention to in addition to the provisions of power supply, grounding, change, and other aspects of the cooling loop, also need to pay extra attention to the installation, coal briquetting machine should be strong and weak signal line isolation through electrical specifications, in strict accordance with the pipeline connected to avoid interference. In outdoor open environment, should adopt independent external lightning protection measures. Ball press itself should also maintain a good grounding, to prevent the accumulation of static pressure on the impact of the ball machine. Installation should be properly connected to power lines, communication lines and video lines, the connection should be carefully refer to the installation instructions, has been confirmed in the correct installation. Generally, the equipment should be installed in the later stage of construction, in order to avoid the construction site of a large number of dust intrusion into the ball machine, directly affect its use effect and life.

briquette pressbriquette maker

Second: the Briquetting Press Machine regular maintenance method:

1.Sweep down the coal briquette machine down the dust on the machine, the demolition process should 

also pay attention to dust removal, demolition and inspection should be prohibited dust intrusion 

into the moving parts;

2.Open the internal cleaning inspection, and check the bearing, spiral, triangular lining plate, 

mouth and other parts of the wear, replace the bearing grease;

3.Remove the bearing cover of the roller shaft and check the wear of the bearing;

4.Take off the inspection cover of the gear reducer to check the gear wear and gear state;

5.Check the base bolt, the safety bolt is loosened and tightened;

charcoal briquette presscharcoal briquetting machine

Third: the use of coal briquette equipment lubricants and inspection:

1.The gear oil in the open gear box shall be more than 60 mm;

2.Roller shaft bearings open every three months to replace the butter or grease gun refueling.

No matter how usually careful operation, regular stop check to dismantling some parts or parts for 

inspection not in operation is necessary, if possible, every three months or half a check, so check, 

operation, inspection, can better grasp the coal briquette machine to all parts of the situation.


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