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How To Ensure Roller Press Machine For Durability? Daily Maintenance Is The Key
Nov 13, 2018

How to ensure roller press machine for durability? Daily maintenance is the key

In today's society, the use of  roller press machine is more and more extensive, but how to maintain the  roller press machine, so that the  roller press machine is durable? You must be very interested to understand, the following will take you to decrypt.

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The maintenance of the  roller press machine is actually not too difficult. First of all, you need to know the main components of the  roller press machine. The roller press machine is composed of a reducer, a motor, two rollers and a set of skeletons. For the maintenance of reducers and motors, there are many such maintenance articles on other books or on the main website. You can learn where to go. For the important organ of the  roller press machine, the roller is a set. It consists of a roll skin and a roll core. Among these parts, the roll skin is the most important, because the roll skin is the first factor that determines whether the material can be properly pressed. If the roll skin is seriously problematic, the ball press machine is difficult to suppress.


Then, how to maintain the important "organ" of the roll skin, firstly, the roll skin should be cleaned after each press forming to ensure that there is no residue inside the ball socket of the roll skin, so as not to be used for a long time. The material is difficult to clean out, so that the ball made by pressing will be irregular, and even the phenomenon that it cannot be demolded may occur. Once the roller can not be demoulded or the discharge is irregular, the roller skin should be adjusted. The long-term operation may cause displacement of the roller skin, so that the ball socket of the roller skin cannot be compared, and the ball cannot be formed.


Finally, teach the six elements of your roller press machine maintenance and maintenance:

1,In order to ensure the normal production of the ball press and the service life of the machine, it should be equipped with special personnel for use, maintenance and repair.

2,The gear reducer in the 2 ball press device should replace the gear oil every quarter. To ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

3,pressure ball machine gear room to add gear oil twice per shift.

4,The ball bearings of each ball should be greased once a year.

5,If you do not open the ball press for a long time, you must remove all the remaining materials.

6,worn parts should be replaced or repaired in time.


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