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How To Deal With The Briquettes Damage During Drying Process?
Oct 24, 2016

how to deal with the damage during drying process?


We need to clear the reason of briquettes damage before deal with the problem:

1, the activity quantity: there are two different kinds of activity are used in plant, one kinds of powder activity, other is liquid activity! But powder activity is popular because of easy operation and easy to do the constant work!


2, temperature inside the dryer: so high temperature inside the dryer will make the surface of briquettes dried soon and moisture inside the briquettes need to escape , so the briquettes will be very weak, easy to damage;


3, drop and break from one layer to other layer; the damage because of drop will be happen between 2nd layer to 3rd layer, because in that period, the briquettes are very weak, after two or three time drop, 20%-30% will be damaged!


Based above reason, we need to do the following control to reduce the damage rate:


1, strictly control the activity quantity based on good quality;

2, control the temperature inside the dryer,we recommend 180-200 degree for reference;

3, do some update work on the dryer to reduce the height of two layers and make sure the briquettes fall down the second layer slowly!


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