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How To Avoid Briquette Press Machine Material Block And Not Stripping Phenomenon
Aug 07, 2017

How to avoid briquette press machine material block and not stripping phenomenon

Briquette Press Machinein the production process often appear stripping difficult, blocking materials and other phenomena, these are the user after the purchase of equipment in the actual production often encounter problems, often lead to the operation of stripping difficult, blocking material crash and other issues The So, in the actual production process, how can we avoid these problems happen?

Briquette Press Machineon the roll design is irrational, such as the briquettes is too small, there will be easy to mold off the phenomenon. In the choice of pressure ball machine on the ball when the ball should be greater than 3 cm for the best.

Conveying materials is best to use automatic feeder, automatic feeder can be transported evenly into the briquette press machine, so as to avoid blocking material, crash and other phenomena.

Briquettes press machine speed is too low, making the material is not easy to achieve stripping, the normal briquette press machine speed should be maintained between 10-20 r/m. Finally, the material in the briquette press machine to suppress the humidity is too large, will lead to material and materials or equipment adhesion, resulting in blocking material or increase the difficulty of stripping. Pressure ball machine in the suppression, the material moisture is generally controlled between 8% -13%, humidity is too large need to be dried in advance.

briquette press[1].jpg 650 press machine.jpg

Do the above points can greatly avoid the briquette press machine is not stripping material phenomenon.

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