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History Of The Coal/charcoal Briquette Machine
Nov 26, 2018

The History of the Coal/Charcoal Briquette Machine

The production of briquette was first started from civilian use and was invented by China more than 2,200 years ago. Cylindrical coal with a diameter of about 16 cm and a height of 8 cm was found in the West Han Ironmaking Site unearthed in Xiangyang in 1975. As early as the 18th century, people used clay as a binder to make briquettes, briquettes or coal cakes as civilian fuels. 

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In Europe in the 1840s, granulation of fine coal has begun. In France and England, granulation of agglomerates with fine-grained hard coal has begun, with the addition of flammable binding substances. In Germany, a new method for the production of bulk fuels was born, in which no bulk binder was added and the bulk fuel was produced with appropriate high-volatility peat and lignite. Looking back at the history of the coal briquette machine, it can be said that, like any kind of machinery, it has experienced many difficulties before it has a place in the market. The development of the coal briquette machine is a difficult process. 

Like any industry, it must be tempered to mature, so this process is also the only way to train an industry. The charcoal briquettes machine is a briquette making device, which can continuously send various dry and wet powders to the rolling zone through the pre-pressing device, and press the dry and wet powder into the briquettes under the pressure of the rolling zone. 

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Mainly used in coal, mining, metallurgy, refractory materials, building materials and other industries. In order to reduce the cost and appearance, the designer of the briquette ball press machine changed the drawings of the original briquetting ball press to reduce the cross-sectional size of the box. According to the revised drawings, the test vehicle was assembled, and it was found that the moving roller hand plate did not move, and the fixed roller hand plate was easy and free. In order to make the briquette ball press moving the roller manually, the design improvement work of adding the reinforcing plate and the changing point support plate was carried out, and the ideal effect was obtained. Your satisfaction is the pursuit of our DAYANG people, the position of our Zhongzhou, welcome friends to contact us. Excellent quality, perfect service and fair price are the foundation of DAYANG's development.

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